TCM & Rain

TCM & Rain

It’s been a little while since I’ve given you an update with regard to my health and treatment. The first months of the year were predominantly occupied by Lopen voor Lyme (translation: walking for lyme). Looking back at an event that wasn’t only fun, but it has also been a great positive measuring point for me. It was the day where chronic Lyme was in the centre of attention. On a more personal level, it was the successful completion of the fundraising and Team Never activities’ to raise money. I’m still flabbergasted about the incredible amount we have collected as a team… Again, thank you so much everyone!!

In the planning phase all my energy went to Team Never Surrender and the preparation for the big day. The interviews with local newspapers, the arrangement of sponsorships etc., this was mostly taken care of by my two sisters. Yet I regularly pushed my limits, as several action items required my direct attention and I also wanted to respond to some e-mails personally. All of this led to the following and I’ve put ‘blogging’ on hold for a little while.

Start van Lopen voor Lyme

Start of Lopen voor Lyme


I am still under treatment of Chinese Herbs by Prof. Dr. Li Jie. In the first months of 2016 of using the herbs it was going relatively better with me, especially in comparison to the first months of 2015. But I did have a bad month. The entire month of January I’ve spent in my dark bedroom. During the consultation of 24th March it came out that I had a constant high fever. I have this regularly and for long periods of time, so it didn’t worry me. But it was the first time that Prof. Dr. Li Jie notified this to me and he prescribed me two herbal formulas. One herbal formula for my days filled with fever and one that I can take in my normal days. Presumably the high fever was a sign that my body was fighting the Borrelia and literally was trying to get rid of the bacteria by fighting it’s way out. Although this theory remains suggestive.. 

Through people I was introduced to the products of Rain. A duo of nutritional supplements called Soul and Core. I decided to take these products next to my herbal supplements. I wrote the following article on my Rain page.

Ever since I know I have Chronic Lyme Disease (2013), I am in a continuous search for the right balance between the treatment of the disease and supporting the body. I don’t want to go backwards and I want to make progression, but I want to make my days reasonably bearable at the same time. In this quest I have walked many paths: antibiotics, bio resonance, homeopathy, acupuncture, energetic massage, SAPI protocol, Cowden protocol, Chinese herbs, Epigenar protocol, immunotherapy infusions, MMS and so on. I was sceptical when I heard about Rain Soul and Rain Core and I remember I thought by myself ‘another miracle cure’. I still decided to give it a shot. The philosophy of the product appealed to me, but also the easiness. Drink a little sachet daily instead of taking all kinds of vitamin supplements, why not? It’s a simple way to ensure you take all the necessary nutrients for the day. I decided to start with 1 x Soul sachet daily. By surprise I felt I was improving a lot within a few days! I felt more energetic in combination with my Chinese Herbs from Prof. Dr. Li Jie and I was clearly taking steps in the right direction. Normally I paid the price heavily for days like ‘Lopen voor Lyme’. At first because I ran for an hour, which is something I haven’t been able to do in a long time, but it also was an intense day with many people and impulses. At that time I was taking Rain Soul and Rain Core for two weeks in a row. After a few days I was able to go for a walk, go cycling, bowling and even to go jogging! Ever since I take Soul I feel more vital and stronger. I don’t take any sleeping pills because I am back to my normal sleeping pattern again (+/- 8 hours per night). I have less pain, less fevers and I haven’t suffered from migraines in a long time. The Rain Soul and Rain Core are no miracle cures or medicine, but nutrition supplements. I don’t pretend to have found the answer to cure Lyme disease but I have made clear progress thanks to these products. I personally use it to support my body, so I can treat Lyme more focused and effective. As thrilled as I am, I decided to not only share my experience and story but also offer you the possibility to experience it yourself. I hope that you benefit of these products just as much as I do!

In short I can conclude that it’s going a lot better with me since I combine TCM herbs with the nutrition supplements of Rain. Yesterday I had another consultation in Nijmegen. Prof. Dr. Li Jie confirmed that it is indeed going better with me but that I must be careful and don’t jump ahead too quickly. As always, revivals are fragile and each little virus can evolve into a relapse. But we are very hopeful. It’s full steam ahead with the new herbal treatment that will support me during the change of weather and to strengthen my immune system!


I took the major relapse into account after ‘Lopen voor Lyme’. I never really do 10KM runs anymore because these runs are too heavy for me. But it caught me by surprise that I felt quite ‘fresh’ just a few days after the run. After the run I was already bowling with friends, I was back to cycling… Walking through the dunes… I was able to attend parties of friends… I was running again… Of course the good weather helped quite a bit. An impression:

Chillen in de tuin

Chillen in the backyard

Klaar om te rennen

Ready to Run

Blauwe Palen April 2016

Blauwe Palen — A designated running track

To Conclude

I’m stoked to be able to tell you that it’s going better with me. Of course there’s a long way to recovery and I will go through ups and downs, but it seems like we have found a right way. With the physical improvement I’ve rediscovered confidence in my own body. I don’t worry as much about getting pain attacks nor question if I can still get home on my bike once I’ve left the house. I feel more vital, stronger and I have retrieved my night’s rest. Let’s hope that we can continue improving in the coming months :-)!


— Never Surrender —