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Lopen voor Lyme (translation: walking for Lyme), raised € 10.750 for Charlie-Robinson Poortvliet.

 ‘It was a very successful day’

Almost eleven thousand euros was raised for Charlie-Robinson Poortvliet to continue financing his treatments for Lyme disease. This is thanks to ‘Lopen voor Lyme’.

The event took place on Saturday at the Henschotermeer in The Netherlands. Even though he suffers from chronic Lyme disease, Charlie-Robinson was able to run for one hour straight and raised money. More than ten family members and friends participated for Charlie-Robinson and were a part of Team Never Surrender. Poortvliet was one of the eighty-six participating patients with chronic Lyme disease. There were more than 1200 running and walking participants that came to action that day. The event raised a total of over half-a-million euros. The money raised goes directly to the patients for whom this event was intended. ‘It was a very successful day’ responded Poortvliet the next day. In the moment of the event, words couldn’t describe and personally thank everyone. ‘I still need to write my blog about the day. I hope to do this in the upcoming week when I’ve recovered a bit.’ The habitant of Soest (town in The Netherlands) needs the money to finance his treatments for chronic Lyme disease. According to the foundation ‘Lopen voor Lyme’ chronic Lyme is not recognized as a long-term disease and health insurances won’t support or refund money. Often chronic Lyme disease is diagnosed when it’s too late, the disease could’ve already led to disastrous consequences. Poortvliet can relate to this from his personal experience.


Lyme is cause by a tick bite (not always the case). Especially in this period of the year these little buggers pop up. An estimation of 25.000 people get Lyme disease each year. According to the foundation about 1500 to 2000 people keep long-term complaints after being bitten.

 *Charlie-Robinson Poortvliet (middle) surrounded by family and friends after the finish of the successful event ‘Lopen voor Lyme’.

 Photo: private.

Artikel 13 April 2016



SOEST – Team Never Surrender together have raised a total of € 10.750 for Charlie-Robinson Poortvliet, a chronic Lyme disease patient. The event ‘Lopen voor Lyme’ happened on Saturday 9th April at the Henschotermeer (The Netherlands).