Hi everybody!

 It’s already been a few months since I’ve posted my last blog… The reason is not because it’s going worse with me, it’s because it’s going a hell of a lot better with me! It feels like the last months went by so fast!  

In my last blog ‘TCM and Rain’ I wrote about the nutritional supplements from Rain, my progress and my TCM treatment. I’m still feeling great. I feel more vital, stronger, more fit, my sleep has improved, I have less pain and I can actually do more things now.  

The last weeks and months I have put my focus on ‘living’. To be out and about… Doing things I enjoy… Drinks with a friend… Bowling nights… Walking in the dunes or go jogging… In short, I’m trying to think of Lyme Disease as little as possible. I feel privileged that I can. 

One of the nice things was…


Because of the newfound confidence of my physical health, I felt confident enough to start traveling again. It still remains an issue with regard to the many pains that flying causes but it was going better for months and I decided to go. The dry heat always has a great effect on me. This is nothing compared to the summer days in The Netherlands that are characterised by “muggy” and “humid” weather.  

I’ve ENJOYED Turkey! The sea… The sun… The beautiful hotel… Being able to run again and to play soccer… I couldn’t believe my luck!

A photo report of the holiday:

Schiphol voor vertrek

Schiphol Airport before departure


Proostend op mijn 7 KM Run

Cheers to my Run


Weer aan het hardlopen

Back running again


Lekker weer om te sporten

Good sporting conditions


Het strand

The Beach





De Patisserie vh Hotel

The Patisserie of the Hotel


It’s going a lot better with me and my TCM doctor confirmed this. He was very positive about the process that I go through (the road to recovery) and told me that I still have to make much more progress. At the same time, he also indicated that the change in the weather such as going from 40+ degrees in Turkey to 18+ degrees with rain in The Netherlands would result in a major assault to my body. My immune system will continuously struggle with this, but we are working hard to strengthen this with the help of herbal cures.


Ever since I started taking Rain, my health has significantly improved. I take 1 Soul daily as an all-in-one nutritional supplement and I take 1-2 Core weekly to detox. Taking rain for me personally has eliminated the use of other supplements (from magnesium to probiotics). 

I’ve started selling Rain myself, because I believe in the products and I hope that others will benefit from it. I’m receiving positive feedback from customers and that makes me happy, that’s what I’m doing it for :-)!

 For more information about Rain:


I find it extremely difficult to put into words what it brings to me mentally and emotionally that it is going so much better with me. It feels nice, very nice to look forward instead of going backwards again… Not being bedridden… For a moment not dealing with being sick all the time… I love it!

At the same time I’m feeling a bit resistant. It’s been months now heading in the right direction and that’s fantastic. But is this a permanent progression? Or is it another revival, but this time longer than usual?

I try not to question this for too long. I hope of course that I’m on the right track of recovery and that I will never feel as sick as I have felt before. Time will tell…

For now I enjoy it that I’m feeling so much better en I try to strengthen my body and keep it that way. I do this with the support of diet and exercise. There is however light at the end of the tunnel and we continue to believe and keep fighting!

— Never Surrender —