My Own Lyme Protocol

My Own Lyme Protocol

After I passed out last week (read the whole story: here) I was fed up with the entire situation. I want to go forward again and for this treatment is simply necessary. Because I have tried so many treatments, protocols, medication and supplements it was unclear to me how to proceed. I do not have many options left. I have tried almost everything there is and the choice that I do have is to go abroad for experimental treatments that offer no guarantee. Moreover they are so expensive that I cannot afford them even I wish to try them. But my preference lies with natural medicine and supplements anyhow as they do not weaken my body any further.

After reading a lot of articles I have chosen to make my own protocol. This protocol is loosely based on the Sapi Protocol and on the Cowden Protocol, but mostly based on my own experiences with these products. I may not be a doctor or a therapist, but I do know my own body. And I do not want to use any more products than absolutely necessary.

Day in day out I am not only trying to cope with this terrible disease, but I am also trying to live as healthy as I can. This means good nutrition and detoxification. To put it simply… I do not eat and drink what is bad for me. This means no sugar and lactose. Little to no gluten as I am intolerant for them. And no seafood due to allergies. I am also careful with fruits as they contain lots of natural sugar and most citrus fruits are irritable to my stomach. It may be a boring nutrition plan, but it’s good for me and they help me cope.

Besides that I drink green tea on a daily basis to detoxify. And I take daily magnesium baths, sometimes with added eucalyptus and/or lavender. These baths do not only detoxify, they also help to relax my muscles. Most Chronic Lyme Patients have a shortage of Magnesium in their system and I am no exception. I do have to watch out that I do not get a herxheimer-reaction. In other words, the time I spent in those baths are often limited to 15-20 minutes.


The protocol that I’ve made consists out of the following products:

  • Nutramedix Samento (more info: here)
  • Nutramedix Banderol (more info: here)
  • Nutramedix Burbur (more info: here)
  • Nutramedix Adrenal (more info: here)
  • Nutramedix Cumanda (more info: here)
  • Nutramedix Pinella (more info: here)
  • Probactiol Plus (more info: here)
  • Essential Organics Vitamine C (more info: here)
  • Metarelax Magnesium (more info: here)

Added by the following teas and bathing salts:



  • Zonnatura Green Tea With Ginger
  • Pickwick Green Tea With Ginseng


Bathing Salts:

  • Zechsal Magnesium
  • Kneipp Eucalyptus
  • Kneipp Lavender



The DreamTeam II The DreamTeam

Because I’m very weak at the moment I will slowly built up Samendo, Banderol and Cumanda. The protocol will last a total of several months at least, but I will start tomorrow. For the first Month my schedule will look this (in Dutch):

Puta Lyme Protocol Charlie

See picture above and/or download the Excel file: “Puta Lyme” Protocol Charlie

In the following months I will swap Samento with Banderol about 50 % off the time. This is to avoid that the Borrelia will get resistant for these natural antibiotics. The schedule will more or less be 14 Days of Samento, 1 Rest Day followed by 14 Days of Banderol. I will use a wide spectrum of products because of the severity of my disease, the fact that I have co-infections and to have the best support for my body.

I will give regular updates in the following months about how the protocol is going and how I am doing in general. For questions and or comments I’m available by mail, by contact form and/or by replying to this article below.


— Never Surrender –


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