Looking Back At “Lopen Voor Lyme”

Looking Back At “Lopen voor Lyme”

Teamfoto 9 April

Last Saturday (9th April) was the day… Lopen voor Lyme (walking for Lyme). 1200 walkers and runners came together and devoted themselves to raise money for chronic Lyme patients so they can wear the medical costs. Team Never Surrender (see picture above) was devoted to help me. It was a very successful day! The teams were able to raise a great total amount of € 527.463!

The event aims to publicize the disease as much as possible and raise money for chronic Lyme patients who need funding for their treatments at the same time. The main reason is that Lyme is often not recognized as a long-term disease and the health insurer doesn’t reimburse treatments. Many doctors do not know the existence and impact of chronic Lyme and therefore the disease is often diagnosed too late. The disease might’ve already led to disastrous consequences.

Each year, an estimation of 1.2 million people gets bitten by a tick of which 25.000 get Lyme disease. 1500 to 2000 people keep persistent symptoms after treatment according to Dutch guidelines and develop chronic Lyme.

Just before the finish, political leader Emile Roemer from SP walked on stage to speak about his 11-month experience with chronic Lyme. He called out to chronic Lyme patients to continue fighting for recognition and detection of the disease.

I’ve reached my personal goal to run for an hour! Why did I choose to run for an hour? You can listen to my interview on Radio Soest (only available in Dutch):


A massive thank you to all members of Team Never Surrender, all the donators, all the sponsors, the media and the foundation of “Lopen voor Lyme”. Thanks to you guys we raised an incredible amount of € 10.750,- and I can continue my treatments for the time being! Words cannot describe how thankful I am… I am eternally grateful!

Proosten op de goede afloop!

Cheers to a great outcome!


The fantastic amount raised by all teams!

== Do (or did) you want to donate so we can hit our target of € 15.000,-? Please send an e-mail to charlie@charliepoortvliet.nl ==


Team Captain:

Valerie Poortvliet: Thank you for all your support and help all the way from Sydney!

Team Members:

Tok en Irene Poortvliet:

Mom and Dad, without you we were never able to organise and realize this. Thank you so much!

Susanne, Steven, Diego, Cruz en Lily-Rose:

Great that you participated with all (!) 5 of you and that you provided information at primary school to raise Lyme awareness!

Cynthia Matawlie:

As one of our walkers you raised the most out of the team. Unfortunately you were unable to participate on the day. You’re awesome!

Sri Kaligis Energetix and Charles Gabriel:

You’re missing in the group shot unfortunately. But a massive thank you to the both of you!

Jorrit, Jasper, Edgar and Kasper:

Guys, unfortunately we’re not playing soccer anymore.. But I thought it was awesome that we could do something together in a sportive way. Thank you for all your commitment!

Floor and Lizette:

Ladies, thank you so much. It was awesome that you raised awareness for Lyme disease with the help of the Free Running Demo!

Ayrton, Tessa and Jolien:

We didn’t know each other before the event and this makes your commitment even more special. Thank you very much!


Amigo, we speak or see each other a little less now compared to how we used to. Thank you for participating and I hope that we can do another run together during summer!



Radio Soest  (Ad van Veen / Jos Peterse) thank you so much for the awareness on radio!

Soester Courant

Soest Nu

AD Amersfoort

Gooi- en Eemlander

Baarnsche Courant


Wilco from Bowling Overhees, thank you for organising the ‘Strike Out Lyme’ event and your hospitality. Fantastic!

Berdien Renes and Stichting Lopen voor Lyme, the event wouldn’t exist without you and your brothers. Remarkable how you organised this whilst being ill, Berdien you are amazing!

Tomas Lievense, thank you for creating the great flyers!


== And of course thank you to all who supported the team and myself prior and during the event! ==

Team Never Surrender in the Media:

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Verslag “Strike out Lyme” (9th of March): link

Soester Courant & Soest Nu (24th of February): link

Sponsors Team Never Surrender:

Praktijk Irene Poortvlietlogo_anoerac_VoorwebCharles Gabriel

Eetcafé CentraalVoortjesLogo Bowling Overhees


Body Reset het Gooi

Flyers Team Never Surrender:

Flyer Lopen voor Lyme

Flyer Bowlingtoernooi V3

Lopen voor Lyme in the Media:


http://www.rtlxl.nl/#!/rtl-nieuws-132237/236f3951-ba4b-348c-8dab-47d40858430c (vanaf minuut 12)



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